"As a Tower Defense Tactician, you are called upon to prepare all sorts of stone-built castles for the inevitable siege."

  • Visit a variety of castles, some of which are based on real castle designs from the 1300s!
  • Attend to the demands of the Lords and Ladies of various estates and build your nest-egg for retirement!
  • Push the cannons onto the parapet platforms near the embrasures to win.
  • Contend with pesky cannonball stacks...
  • Watch for easter eggs!

Music: Sir Lucan by Brandon Fiechter


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At first, seemed like a fairly straightforward block-puzzler. Then I got stuck on a level that seemed impossible... Then I learned I could pull cannons! Overall a fun challenge. Music was quite nice too. :)

Hi! Thanks for the reply. There should be a way to beat each level without pulling cannons, but I figured, why not. It's more realistic this way. :)

Something that just occurred to me; when pushing a cannon to an embrasure, you can push it in from the side, and it will automatically point itself toward the correct embrasure and lock into place. You don't need to push every cannon straight toward the embrasure to get it to arm itself.

This might be fairly obvious, but it might catch someone up if they think that's what they need to do all the time.

Anyhow, thanks again for playing! :)

I had a lot of fun playing your game and I think it ran pretty smoothly :)

If you get stuck, you can press X to pull a cannon backwards. ;)

Good luck!